1. Rates, are inclusive of all taxes and are subject to change without notice. Invoices are established in accordance with the tariff in effect on the day of delivery of the goods. Only the rates of the Catalog are authentic.

1.A. The rates or benefits of the partners are calculated in relation to the tariff in force on the date of the invoice.

1.B. Rates do not include transport or packaging. The delivery (or recovery mode) is made on consultation at a date and an address agreed between the customer and My-Solutions®. For delivery see paragraph 13.

2.B. In the case of the use of a valid Purchase Order or Credit, the shipping and packing costs are not payable with the Purchase Order or the Voucher.

3.A. My-Solutions® does not practice rebates, rebates, rebates outside promotions that may take place punctually. My-Solutions® does not practice rebates for cash settlement.

 3.B Tariff advantages under the partnership do not apply to promotional offers or shipping costs.

3. C. One-off promotional offers, delivery costs, bank transaction fees are not adjustable with the PURCHASES issued by the FFE.

4. The delivery times are only indicative, their non-compliance can not lead to penalties for late delivery, cancellation of orders, or suspension of payment and does not give rise to damages.

5. The orders are firm and irrevocable and must be sent in writing (mail, e.mail: fencing@my-solutions.fr) accompanied by the deposit or the total payment of the order according to the terms of payment corresponding.

6. Customer settlement terms residing in France:

A- By the web shop: orders are payable in full to the order by one of the means of payment available and whatever the amount.

B- By order out of web: The orders are payable to the order by check or bank transfer for all orders less than or equal to 2000 Euros TTC. For invoices over 2000 euros, a deposit of 40% is required, the balance being paid by check or bank transfer before delivery. Special conditions of settlement may be agreed upon and expressly notified in writing signed by both parties.

7. Payment terms residing outside France: Orders are payable by bank transfer regardless of the amount of the order.

7.A. For the tax-free sale, the customer must be able to justify CERFA 10096 * 03 regulatory award conditions. In this case, the customer will make the payment Total (if bank transfer or cash) or 2 payments by check if he has an account in France (1 for HT 1 for VAT). The VAT amount being returned (by bank transfer if the VAT has been cashed or the VAT check destroyed in the case of the two checks) once the return of the form CERFA duly stamped by the service of the monks returned to the headquarters of MS .

For transactions outside France requiring a return of VAT to an account abroad, My-Solutions® reserves the right to withhold management fees of up to 4% of the amount excluding taxes.

7.B. The settlement must be effective to give rise to delivery. (see paragraph 13)

Special conditions of settlement may be agreed upon and expressly notified in writing signed by both parties.

8. In the event of a particular payment condition, in accordance with articles 93-122 of 29 January 1993, the conditions and settlement date appear on the invoices. Any delay in payment at the due date automatically entails:

A- the application of default interest at the rate of 1.5% per month of delay, all months started being due.

B- The exigibility of invoices not yet expired.

C- If during a previous order, the buyer has not satisfied his obligations (default or late payment), a refusal to sell may be opposed to him except in the case of a cash settlement.

9. The case of force majeure: In case of unforeseeable events (transport strike ...), preventing us from exercising our activity, My-Solutions® would be released from any obligation to its customers.

10.A. Warranty: It is limited to the repair or replacement of goods with a hidden defect or lack of conformity. It excludes any compensation for any reason whatsoever.

10.B. No return of goods will be accepted without our prior agreement. Returns are controlled and gives rise to a Credit if the good is deemed to be in the initial state. (see paragraph 14 on the use of a credit)

10.C. All claims or disputes must reach My-Solutions® within 10 business days of the invoice date.

11. Retention of title: the equipment is the property of My-Solutions® until full payment of the invoice.

12. Preparation of WEB Orders: Orders are prepared for "recovery mode" or "shipping" as soon as the payment conditions are met.

13. Delivery made by a carrier.

13.A- By web shop: All deliveries are at the expense and risk of the customer. Orders received for payment are shipped by carrier.

13.B- Order off-line: All deliveries are at the expense and risk of the customer Orders received, are shipped by carrier.

14. the photos are not contractual.

15.A Use of Credit: Assets are valid for one year from the date of creation of the document. They are to be used in one and one time for the purchase of equipment. In no case the ancillary costs (payment fees, delivery costs ...) can not be paid with a credit note. Once the validity date has passed, My-Solutions® will not accept the presentation of the document.

15.B Use of a PURCHASE Voucher: purchase orders (BA) are accepted for the payment of material purchases on our stands or on the internet.

15.C BA on stand: They are to be used once and only on the stands. Promotional offers, delivery costs can not be paid by purchase orders. The voucher must be valid. My-Solutions® will not accept the presentation of the document that does not allow the precise identification of the beneficiary.

15.C BA INTERNET USE: To be used on the internet, the BA must be converted into a GIFT CERTIFICATE MS. To do this, make the request by mail or phone to know the specific terms. You will receive your EAC of identical value to your BA by email once we have your valid BA back.

16.A Billing: All our invoices are payable on the due date. VAT Acquitted on the receipts. Pursuant to Article 441-6 of the Commercial Code, any amount not paid on the due date bears interest at 3 times the legal interest rate.

IMDEMNITE LUMP SUM COVERAGE € 40 (Decree 2012-115 of October 2, 2012)

16.B. The "Endorsement Vouchers" do not give rise to an invoice but to the issue of a "Endowment Voucher".

17.For remote sales only: the customer has a withdrawal period of 14 days from the payment of the order. In the case of a return, the material must be returned in its original packaging. The return costs are the responsibility of the customer.

18. Revival and recovery of debts: My-Solutions® reserves the right to apply the recovery fees as provided for in Article 441-6 of the Commercial Code, any amount not settled at maturity bears interest at 3 times the legal interest rate. In addition, a lump sum compensation of recovery costs of € 40 may be invoiced (Decree 2012-115 of October 2, 2012)

19. Attribution of jurisdiction: in case of dispute, only the Commercial Court of Versailles is competent. All commercial transactions are subject to French laws.